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Why you should carry
The Bloomsbury Review® in your store or library.

In every issue of The Bloomsbury Review, we’ll introduce your customers to hundreds of new titles and authors they may not know about, and that will mean more book sales for you.

Your customers can find out about the best sellers in many other places, but The Bloomsbury Review will introduce them to a broader range of books they won’t find out about in mainstream publications. The Bloomsbury Review also promotes the idea that reading can be entertaining as well as educational.

Whether it’s fiction, poetry, biography, history, travel, regional literature, children’s books, or cookbooks, there’s something for everyone in each issue. But the main reason to carry The Bloomsbury Review is that it promotes your product—books—to your customers in a cost-effective way.

Special Offer
We’ll send you—at no charge—up to 100 copies of your first issue in order to introduce The Bloomsbury Review to your customers. After that, we ask only that you pay for the shipping and handling of the issues—the issues themselves are free to you and your customers.

How you can carry
The Bloomsbury Review® in your store or library.

The Bloomsbury Review offers two convenient and cost-effective ways to carry the magazine in your store or library:

You can distribute “Complimentary Copies” of TBR for just a few cents per copy. You pay nothing for the magazine itself; you pay only the shipping charges.
Minimum Order: 10 copies
Payment Plan: Store can be billed for either 2 issues (6 months) or 4 issues (one year).

If you prefer to sell TBR, you pay only for the copies you actually sell. The Bloomsbury Review retails for $4.50 per copy. Contact us for more details (USA only).

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