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Back Issues 1980-1985

Nov/Dec ’80: Interview with Edward Abbey; So This Is Depravity by Russell Baker; The Maguey Press SOLD OUT

Jan/Feb ’81: Vladimir Nabokov: Lectures on Literature; Interview with Kay Boyle; Christianity, Social Tolerance & Homosexuality by John Boswell  

Mar/Apr ’81: The Novel of the American West by John R. Milton; Interview with William S. Burroughs; Women Writers on Spiritual Quest

May/June ’81: Poetry; Interviews with Allen Ginsberg, Edward Dorn & Thomas Hornsby Ferril

July/Aug ’81: Judy-Lynn & Lester Del Rey & Edward Bryant on Fantasy & Science Fiction

Sept/Oct ’81: Preserving Hispanic Traditions; Clash of Cultures: Interview with John Nichols

Nov/Dec ’81: Children’s Books: Madeleine L’Engle on Children and Reading; William Stafford on Poetry & Fine Print Books

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Feb/Mar ’82: Mysteries: Interview with Rex Burns; Best Mysteries of the Year   

Apr/May ’82: Latin American Writers; An Appreciation of Gabriela Mistral; An Open Letter from José Emilio Pacheco

June/July/Aug ’82: The New West; Interview with Tony Shearer

Sept/Oct ’82: Book Banning in America

Nov ’82: Breaking the Mind Barrier: Interview with Colin Wilson

Dec ’82: Unique Book Gifts; Interview with Douglas Adams

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Feb/Mar ’83: Interview with Hilary Masters; Russia’s Literary Underground

Apr/May ’83: Interview with Stephen R. Donaldson; Books for Gardeners

June/July/Aug ’83: Mankind & Nature; Interview with Wendell Berry; An Appreciation of Nikos Kazantzakis

Sept/Oct ’83: An Essay/Interview with Meridel LeSueur by Linda Hogan; Computers & the Written Word; Literary Supplement

Nov ’83: Interview with Henry Wilson Allen (a.k.a. Will Henry & Clay Fisher); Cookbooks

Dec ’83: Interview with Roger Copland; Cowboy Books; An Appreciation of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

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Feb/Mar ’84: History of the American West; Interview with Joanne Greenberg; Edward Abbey on John Gardner

Apr/May ’84: Interview with Joseph Campbell

June/July ’84: Artist in Wonderland: Interview with Artist/ Illustrator Barry Moser; Books from Canada; Travel

Aug ’84: Sports; Interview with Leon Uris; Louisa May Alcott & Feminism

Sept ’84: New Translations: Interview with Frank Waters; Writing Wrongs in Writing Books

Oct ’84: Media Manipulation; Politics of the Information Business; Interview with Gabriel Fielding; D.H. Lawrence’s Three Fates

Nov ’84: Interview with Robert Creeley; Cookbooks; Children’s Books

Dec ’84: Interview with Paul St. Pierre; Literary Standouts: Favorite Books of 1984

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Jan ’85: Dangerous Visions: An Interview with Harlan Ellison (Part I); The Worst Books of ’84; Laughing Matters

Feb ’85: Detective Fiction & New Mysteries; More Dangerous Visions with Harlan Ellison (Part II); Profile of Richard Brautigan; The Bloomsbury Reader: New Stories & Poems

Mar ’85: Remembering Malcolm Lowry; How Science Changes Our World & Responsibilities

Apr ’85: Interview with Poet Jack Micheline; The Great Visions of Black Elk & John Neihardt

May ’85: Ecodefense & Deep Ecology; Profile of John Bryne Cooke

June ’85: An Interview with Bernard MacLaverty; Poems of Allen Ginsberg; Forgotten Nobel Prize Winners

July ’85: The American West: Literature & Legends; Law & Land; An Interview with Gov. Richard D. Lamm

Sept ’85: Prose & Poetry from the Caribbean; Interview with Margaret Drabble; The Randall Jarrell Letters

Oct ’85: The Art of Translation; Interview with Mary Crow; Overlooked Writers

Nov ’85: An Interview with Farley Mowat; White South African Writers Against Apartheid; Cultural Crisis in America

Dec/Jan ’85: The Lively Arts: Opera & Ideas; Truffaut & Hitchcock; Georgia O’Keeffe, John Muir & American Conservation

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