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Back Issues 2006-2010

Jan/Feb 2006: Interviews with Bebe Moore Campbell, David L. Ulin & Shyam Selvadurai; So, You Want to Be Book Critic: An Essay; The Writing Sound of Elinor Wylie’s Poetry: An Essay; Reviews of Wanda Coleman, Floyd Skloot & Edward Albee

Mar/Apr ’06: Interviews with Lorna Dee Cervantes, Nick Flynn & Mary Anne Mohanraj; The Writing Life: Poetry; Reviews of James Wright, Patrick Lane & Ted Berrigan; Boomer Books

May/June ’06: Interviews with Jane Hirshfield, William Haywood Henderson & Sara Gran; In Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: A Literary Survey: On First Looking Into Don Greene’s Papers: An Essay

July/Aug ’06: Interview with Alexander Blackburn; US Regional Writing & Art; Reviews of Denise Levertov, William Klefkorn, Stephen Trimble, Wendell Berry, William Barillas & Ron Rash

Sept/Oct ’06: The Writings of Orhan Pamuk; American & International History & Politics; Reviews of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Louise Erdrich, David James Duncan, Ma Jian, Nicholas Mosley & Jared Diamond

Nov/Dec ’06: A Profile of Martín Espada; Reviews of Margaret Bourke-White, Wassily Kandinsky, Galen Rowell, Saul Steinberg, Thomas McGuane & Kent Nelson; TBR’s Editors’ Favorite Books of the Year; Gift Books

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Jan/Feb 2007: Interviews with Gene Luen Yang & Jeff Biggers; Reviews of Cormac McCarthy, James Lovelock, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ted Olson, Edward O. Wilson & Mark Twain

Mar/Apr ’07: Interviews with Fadhil Al-Azzawi, Deanna Stillman & Jeff Lee; The Writing Life: Poetry; Reviews of Terry Tempest Williams, Derrick Jensen, Jillian Weise, Bob Arnold, Jim Harrison & Thomas Berry

May/June ’07: Interviews with Richard Ford, Edward Field & Marjane Satrapi; In Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: A Literary Survey; Reviews of Sandra Dallas, John Keeble, Stephen Jay Gould & Rick Bass

July/Aug ’07: Interview with Gary Snyder; Writing the Land; So Long, Kurt: A Remembrance; Reviews of Kathleen Alcala, Karen Chamberlain, Carl Dennis, Sybil Downing, Ron Rash, Jack D. Forbes, Sam Quinones & Leonard Michaels

Sept/Oct ’07: Interviews with Sabina Murray & John Balaban; Poetry in Translation; International Mysteries; Reviews of C.M. Mayo, Wang Ping, M. Allen Cunningham, Henri Cole & Jamaica Kincaid

Nov/Dec ’07: Interview with James D. Houston; The Republic of Poetry Knows No Borders: An Essay by Martin Espada; Reviews of James Lee Burke, Anne Fadiman, Orson Welles & Eliot Weinberger; TBR’s Editors’ Favorite Books of the Year; Gift Books

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Jan/Feb 2008: Interviews with Maxine Hong Kingston & Ted Kooser; Jack Kerouac: An Essay; Reviews of Wanda Coleman, Ron Carlson, Patricia Hampl, Thomas King & Richard Shelton.

Mar/Apr ’08: Interviews with Nin Andrews, Peter Johnson, Peter Conners & Brian Clement; The Writing Life: Poetry, Including a Panorama of Prose Poetry; Reviews of Chris Abani, Ed Pavlic, Dan Gerber, Paul Smyth, Laynie Brown & Wendell Berry

May/June ’08: Interview with Wang Ping; Reviews of Molly Gloss, Lise Erdrich, Ewing Campbell, Kurt Vonnegut, Beowulf, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Carly Simon & Alexis de Tocqueville

July/Aug ’08: Interviews with Stephen Trimble & Thomas Rain Crowe; New Feature: The Out-of-Bounds Essay; Reviews of Wallace Stegner, William Claasen, Susan Sherman, Kim Powers & Juan Felipe Herrera.

Sept/Oct ’08: Interviews with Colin Thubron & Katherine Silver; “Looking for Lafcadio: An Essay,” Reviews of Tom Hayden, Robert Bringhurst, Amy Irvine, Thomas Glave, James Wood, D. Nurkse, David Mason & Bert Meyers; International Mysteries

Nov/Dec ’08: Interviews with Julia Alvarez, James Jennewein & Tom S. Parker; TBR’s Editors’ Favorite Books of the Year; Gift Books; Poetry Anthologies; Reviews of Willard Clark, Margaret Tafoya, Andre Kertesz, Joseph Campbell & M.K.F. Fisher

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Jan/Feb 2009: Interviews with John N. Maclean & Brian Kitely; Reginald Shepherd: A Memorial; Reviews of Terry Tempest Williams, Bill Plotkin, Mary Clearman Blew, Mable Dodge Luhan, David Wann & Mark Twain

Mar/Apr ’09: Poets’ Favorite Poets: A Survey; The Writing Life: Poetry; Reviews of Gary Paul Nabhan, Margot Singer, Rane Arroyo, Elizabeth Bishop, Page Stegner, Annick Smith, Phil Memmer, The Chicago Mob & The Hardy Boys

May/June/July ’09: Interview with Greg Kuzma, Interview with and Essay examining Ma Jian’s book. Celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Reviews of books by or about Sherman Alexie, Jean Cocteau, Charles Darwin, Douglas Fairbanks, Florence Nightingale, Edgar Allan Poe, Jackie Ormes, Thomas R. Smith, Woodrow Wilson, and Lynne Sharon Schwartz.

Aug/Sept/Oct ’09: International Poetry, Fiction & Memoir. Interview with Ellen Bass, Profile of Charles Kennedy, New Poetry Books reviewed by Ray González. Reviews of books by or about Elizabeth Bishop & Robert Lowell, Deborah Ager, Breyten Breytenback, Joseph Cornell, Mahmoud Darwish, C.M. Mayo, and David R. Slavitt. Kurt Vonnegut

Nov/Dec ’09—30th Anniversary Issue! Editors’ Memories of TBR’s History. Anniversary Letter from the Editor. Arts: Tom Arndt, Edward Burtynsky, Arshile Gorky, Louise Nevelson & Calvin Littlejohn. Reviews of books by or about Greg Mortenson, Teddy Roosevelt, Amy Seidl, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Cookbooks & Children’s Books.

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Spring 2010 Interviews with Margaret Atwood, Howard Zinn & Andrew Schelling. Poetry Issue. Reviews of books by and about Gary Snyder, A.S. Byatt, Ted Kooser, Ralph Salisbury, Lisa Zimmerman, & Charles Simic. Books Honoring Mark Twain, 1835-1910. Reviews of books by and about A.B. Guthrie Jr., Tash Aw. Ross Pennie & Priscilla Royal.

Summer ’10 An Interview with Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Profile/Interview with Gao Xingjian. Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage, books reviewed by Terry Hong. New Books of Poetry reviewed by Ray González. Reviews by and about Scott Russell Sanders, Leslie Caron, John Baldessari, Warrington Colescott, Charles Bowden, Chris Mooney, John McPhee, Bill McKibben, James L. White & Alina Bronsky. Children’s Books

Fall ’10 A Profile of Allegra Huston. Essay/Interview with Fadhil al-Azzawi. Interview with Stephen D. Gutierrez. Writers on Writing. Feature Reviews, The Psychedelic Sixties. Reviews of books by or about Jeff Biggers, Lord Byron, Jeanne Marie Beaumont. A Survey of Poetry Anthologies and New Collections of Individual poets by Ray González. Children’s Books.

Winter ’10 Cozy Winter Reads, A Survey by Terry Hong. Haiti as Seen by Edwidge Danticat & Others. Books by and about Oliver Sacks, Jo Walton, Gary Greenberg, Roger Moorhouse, Roland Barthes, James Salter & Robert Phelps, Barry Moser, Maynard Dixon, Robert Adams & Ursula K. Le Guin, Roseanne Cash, John La Farge, Jo Walton, David Grant Noble. Cookbooks and Books for Children & Young Adults.

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