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The Bloomsbury Review has always been a labor of love. It has grown since 1980 from a labor of love for books to a love that extends to our subscribers; friends; fans; and countless supporters, volunteers, interns, and stalwart advertisers. If love were coin of the realm, TBR would be the wealthiest book magazine in the world.

As much as we wish it were true, however, love does not pay for rent, phone, equipment, printing, postage, shipping—or any number of expenses it takes to keep TBR fulfilling its mission.

The Bloomsbury Review has seen the publishing industry undergo many changes over the past three decades. In the current recession, publishers who were eager to promote and advertise their books have had to slash budgets and tighten their belts to the bone. But how can readers decide to purchase a book they know nothing about? That’s where we come in. We are grateful—immensely so—to the publishers who continue to help us get the magazine out the door.

The Bloomsbury Review is editorially free—we do not answer to boards, grants, or corporate bottom lines; we answer only to our love of books, to our readers, and our desire to bring those often unsung, rare, and deserving books to our readers’ attention. And that is why we turn to you, our readers, for help. Whether you have been a longtime subscriber or have just recently discovered our offerings, we hope you see the distinctive service TBR provides.

For the love of books, we hope you will donate to help us continue to publish this exceptional magazine. You can send your donation to: The Bloomsbury Review, ATTN: Donation, 1553 Platte St., Suite 206, Denver, CO 80202-1167. Or use the PayPal button above.

Your donation is not tax-deductible, but your generosity and your belief in the work The Bloomsbury Review has done for more than 30 years is even more welcome and cherished for that.

“Thank you” is simply too pale a phrase to express our gratitude.