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Back Issues 1986-1990

Feb ’86: Looking Towards the 21st Century; The Future of the Book; Controlling Nuclear Weapons; The Gene Factory; Interview with Brian W. Aldiss; An Essay on Theodore Sturgeon

Mar ’86: Portraits from the Past: Maxim Gorky, Rainer Maria Rilke, Gertrude Stein, James Agee, F. Scott Fitzgerald & D.H. Lawrence; Interview with Benedict Kiely; Ezra Pound & Anti-Semitism

Apr/May ’86: Women in Philosophy;  Books from the Philippines; Gardening & Nature

June ’86: What’s New Downunder? Australian Literature & Film; Homage to Philip Larkin; Interview with James Baker Hall; Zola & Dreyfus

July/Aug ’86: The American West; New Native American Poetry: Joy Harjo, Linda Hogan, Roger Echo-Hawk & Ray Young Bear; Interview with Naturalist Gary Paul Nabhan

Fall ’86: New Translations; The Arts; Children’s Books; Interviews with Alastair Reid & Philip Levine
Jan/Feb ’87: Power & Profits: Cyberpunks; Interview with Futurist K. Eric Drexler

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Mar/Apr ’87: Interview with Njabulo Ndebele; Writers in Exile: the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Latin America & the Philippines; Essay by Sasha Sokolov

May/June ’87: Mysteries & Travel; Men & Women Detectives; Interview with Tony Hillerman.

July/Aug ’87: The American West: An Interview with John Nichols; Linda Hogan & Her World; John Milton; Frank Waters; Native-American Religion; Celtic America & Chaco Canyon

Sept/Oct ’87: Heretics & Hellraisers: Interviews with Clive Barker & Robert T. Bakker  

Nov/Dec ’87: The Best of 1987; Favorite Books of Joanne Greenberg, Judy Grahn, Rex Burns; Revisiting Native American Writing

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Jan/Feb ’88: Interviews with Raymond Carver, Vikram Seth & Ted Conover; Ed Abbey on Saul Bellow

Mar/Apr ’88: Interviews with Manuel Puig & Philip Agee; Profiles of Joseph Brodsky, Carolyn Forché & Tama Janowitz; Writers on Writing; Czech Literature; Cinema in the Third World

May/June ’88: Interviews with Francis Moore Lappé, James Salter, Alexander Cockburn, Jack Meyers & Roger Weingarten; Humor in Poetry

July/Aug ’88: Interviews with Louise Erdrich, Michael Dorris & William Kittredge; Ed Abbey on John Updike; Profiles of David Rains Wallace & Louis L’Amour

Sept/Oct ’88: Interviews with William Gibson & Russell Means; A Little Matter of Genocide by Ward Churchill. An Essay on Carlos Castañeda SOLD OUT

Nov/Dec ’88: Interviews with John Haines, Regenia Gagnier & Gretel Ehrlich; Joseph Campbell’s Legacy

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Jan/Feb ’89: Interviews with Paul Horgan & Harry MacLean; Mysteries; What Makes People Tick?

Mar/Apr ’89: Interviews with James Lovelock & Jonathan Galassi; The Holy War Against Salman Rushdie

May/June ’89: Interviews with Noam Chomsky & Douglas Adams; In Memory of Edward Abbey

July/Aug ’89: The Enduring West: Interview with Stephen Trimble; Profiles of Loren Estleman & Nancy Wood SOLD OUT

Sept/Oct ’89: Interview with James Hillman; China Dreams of Democracy; What’s New About the New Age?

Nov/Dec ’89: Interviews with T.C. Boyle & Ariel Dorfman; Fine Print

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Jan/Feb ’90: Interviews with Barry Lopez & Terry McMillan SOLD OUT.

Mar/Apr ’90: Interviews with Wallace Stegner & Alison Lurie; Hard Truths & Sage Advice from Harlan Ellison

May/June ’90: Interviews with Mary Oliver & Barbara Smith; The Perils of Publishing; Beyond Earth Day

July/Aug ’90: Interviews with Russell Martin & David Brower; Nature

Sept/Oct ’90: Interviews with Stephanie Mills, Lewis Shiner & Richard Ford; Ecofeminism

Nov/Dec ’90: Interviews with Barbara Kingsolver & Christopher Manes; Profile of Jim Harrison; An Appreciation of Norman Maclean

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