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Why It’s a Good Idea to Advertise in
The Bloomsbury Review®

1. COST-EFFECTIVENESS: You can advertise for as little as $50 (or up to $175) in our Classified Advertising section, and for as little as $360 for a regular display ad (1/16th page), or up to $4,590 for a full page, with lots of sizes and possibilities in between. Four-color rates are also available. In these hard economic times, it makes sense to watch every dollar and make sure that you get the exposure you need. As an extra bonus we showcase the websites of all advertisers in each issue. We also have a variety of Co-op Advertising programs available. Ask about them.

2. DISCOUNTS: We offer frequency discounts for 2, 3, or 4 advertising purchases in a year, and 10% OFF for prepayment; 15% agency discounts are also allowed.

3. CIRCULATION: The Bloomsbury Review reaches more than 100,000 avid book readers in the USA, Canada, and overseas.

4. READERSHIP: TBR readers are avid book readers: 62% read more than 60 books per year; most buy more than 4 books per month (about 50 per year).

5. READER RESPONSIVENESS: 64% of our readers have bought books ADVERTISED in TBR! 77% of our readers have bought books REVIEWED in TBR. 89% read most or all of each issue.

6. CONSUMER AND TRADE VALUE: TBR is both a consumer magazine and a trade publication. In addition to avid book consumers, TBR reaches booksellers and libraries across the country. Your advertising dollars are working across markets.

7. READING LIFE: Every issue of TBR has a reading life of at least three months, compared with daily newspapers and weekly publications with less exposure over time.

8. TBR IS A COMPLETE BOOK MAGAZINE: TBR is more than just a literary magazine, it’s a Book Magazine. We review everything from new fiction and poetry to books on politics, travel, psychology, gardening, the environment, and just about everything in between, including book-related DVDs and spoken word CDs.

9. SPECIALLY TARGETED FEATURES: Each issue has features aimed specifically at selected targets in the book-reading public, including writers, genre readers, hobbyists, historians, and more.

10. RESPECT: TBR is widely known and respected throughout the country and the world. “The world of books is the better for it,” said Norman Cousins. Wallace Stegner wrote that TBR “contains a more balanced examination of current books than any of its glamorous competitors.” Best-selling author Tony Hillerman said TBR is “the best book magazine in America.” David Streitfeld of the Washington Post Book World called TBR “a leading publication, wholly, even zealously devoted to literature.”

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