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Back Issues 2001-2005

Jan/Feb 2001: Interviews with or Profiles of Molly Giles, Kent Haruf, Carol Bly & Gregory McNamee; Looking Back on 20 Years of Publishing The Bloomsbury Review by Tom Auer

Mar/Apr ’01: Interviews with Morton Marcus & Donald Richie; The Writing Life: Poetry, Fiction & Nonfiction; Reviews of Julia Alvarez, John Ashbery, Paul Celan, Thomas Glave, Robert Michael Pyle & Others; Travel & Adventure

May/June ’01: Profile of David Petersen by John Nichols; Interviews with Katie Estill & Henry Allen; The Life & Art of Liz Caile; Harlan Ellison Takes on Internet Piracy; Summer Reading

July/Aug ’01: Interviews with Jane Hirshfield, Richard Fanagan & Susan Straight; The American West; Reviews of Linda Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier, Nancy Curtis, Nasdijj; Regional Literature

Sept/Oct ’01: Interviews with the Dalai Lama, Al Young (Part 1) & Joseph Hurka; A Tribute to Loren Eiseley; Fiction, Nonfiction & Poetry From Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North & South America; History & Politics

Nov/Dec ’01: A Conversation Between Alice Walker & Clarissa Pinkola Estés; Interviews with Sam Hamill, Al Young (Part 2) & Joe Hayes; Gift Books; Editors’ Favorite Books

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Jan/Feb 2002: Interviews with Dan Gerber & Cornelius Eady; Nature Writing by Terry Tempest Williams, Linda Hogan, Scott Slovic, David Petersen & Others; The Writing Life: Fiction & Nonfiction; First Novels; Mysteries; Health & Nutrition

Mar/Apr ’02: Interviews with Charles Simic, Philip L. Fradkin & Ted Genoways on the Poetry of Miguel Hernandez; The Writing Life: Poetry; An Essay on the work of South African Writer Sheila Kohler; Travel & Adventure; Gardening & Landscaping

May/June ’02: Edward Abbey; Summer Reading: Carry Nation, Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, Jack Kerouac, Marguerite Yourcenar; Nature, Biography, Memoir

July/Aug ’02: Interviews with Jimmy Santiago Baca, John A. Murray & Ted Olson; Regional Literature; Reviews of Kathleen Norris, Ron Carlson, Tom McGuane, Louise Erdrich, Barbara Kingsolver, Linda Hogan & Others

Sept/Oct ’02: Interviews with Nora Okja Keller & Robert Bly; International  Politics, History, Culture, Biography, Travel & Adventure; New Translations; 9/11

Nov/Dec ’02: Interviews with Frances Moore Lappé & Elizabeth Evans; Profile of Linda Sue Park, Newbery Medal Winner; Tools for Readers: A New Column; Gift Books; Editors’ Favorite Books

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Jan/Feb 2003: Profiles of Vivian Gornick & Alexs D. Pate; The Writing Life: Fiction & Creative Nonfiction—First Novels; Virginia Woolf”s Melanbrosia

Mar/Apr ’03: Interviews with Lawrence Ferlinghetti & David James Duncan; The Writing Life: Poetry; Gardening & Travel

May/June ’03: Tom Auer Commemorative Issue (March 3, 1953-April 18, 2003); Interviews with Xinran, Gearoid MacLochlainn & Luis J. Rodriguez; Summer Reading

July/Aug ’03: Interviews with Alberto Ríos, Gretchen Laskas & Ron Rash; America the West: Regional Literature.

Sept/Oct ’03: Interviews with Iris Chang, Martín Espada, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, D. Nurkse & Franklin Odo; International History, Literature & Politics

Nov/Dec ’03: Interviews with Russell Chatham & Carolyne Wright; Gift Books; Architecture; The Arts; Photography;  Cartoons & Graphic Novels; Children’s Books; Editors’ Favorite Books.

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Jan/Feb 2004: Interviews with Sabina Murray, Bebe Moore Campbell, Bharti Kirchner, William Demby, and Sherman Alexie; The Writing Life: Fiction & Creative Nonfiction; Nature, Psychology & Health; Children’s & Young Adult Books

Mar/Apr ’04: Interviews with Poets Ralph Salisbury and Marilyn Chin; The Writing Life: Poetry; Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion; Gardening & Travel; Tools for Readers

May/June ’04: Profiles of Performance Artist & Novelist Heather Woodbury,  Poet-Activist Don West, and Historian Franklin Odo; Summer Reading

July/Aug ’04: Interviews with Alaska Writer John Haines & Appalachian Poet P.J. Laska; Essays on Max Crawford and Richard Brautigan; Regional Writing: The American East, Midwest, South & West.

Sept/Oct ’04: Interviews with Edwidge Danticat, Chang-rae Lee & Cecile Pineda; International History, Literature & Politics; Reviews of Martín Espada, Pablo Neruda, W.S Merwin & James Hillman

Nov/Dec ’04: Interview with Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni; Essays on Hayden Carruth & Lee Bennett Hopkins; Reviews of Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams, Rick Bass; Editors’ Favorite Books; Gift Books

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Jan/Feb ’05: Interviews with Han Ong, Chris Abani & Edwin Frank; Essay on Floyd Dell; The Writing Life: Fiction & Creative Nonfiction; Reviews of Gretel Ehrlich, Tillie Olsen & Luis Alberto Urrea.

Mar/Apr ’05: Interviews with Christopher Buckley about Larry Levis & Fireman/Writer Zac Unger; Essay on Floyd Dell; The Writing Life: Poetry; Reviews of Joy Harjo, Charles Simic & David Lee.

May/June ’05: Interviews with Lara Vapnar, Cynthia Kadohata & Colette Inez; A Response to “Reading at Risk”; Readerville.com; In Memoriam: Hunter S. Thompson & Ellen Meloy.

July/Aug ’05: Interview with Robert Greer; “Time Must Have a Stop,” an Essay by Gregory McNamee; Regional Writing; “Edges & Rivers: Crossing the Country Word by Word,” an Esssay/Review by Ron Steffens

Sept/Oct ’05: An Interview with Marie Myung-Ok and Translator Richard Zenith. Reviews of books by and about Jeffrey D. Sachs, Thomas Frank, Paul Durand-Ruel, Salvador Dali & Federico García Lorca, Stephane Mallarmé, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Toulouse-Lautrec. A Survey of Poetry in Translation by Ray González. Children’s & Young Adult Books.

Nov/Dec ’05: Holiday Issue. TBR Editors’ Favorite Books of the Past 25 years. An Interview with poet David Ray. Fine Gifts for Booklovers in Art, Photography, Film, Cooking, and Spirits. Reviews of books by or about B.B. King, Jim Harrison, Christopher Marlowe, Alan J. Pakula, and John Kenneth Muir.

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