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Back Issues 1991-1995

Jan/Feb ’91: Interview with Robert Bly; Profile of M. Scott Peck

Mar ’91: Interviews with James Welch, Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno & Lee Smith; Writing & Publishing; Animal Graces

Apr/May ’91: Interviews with Rick Bass, J. California Cooper & Allen Barnett; Natural Wonders 

June ’91: Interviews with Robert B. Parker, Isabel Allende, Michael Nava & Franklin Folsom; Mobilizing Democracy

July/Aug ’91: American West Issue; Interviews with Ivan Doig & Lucia Berlin; Profiles of David Lee & Stephen Pett; A Remembrance of  A.B. Guthrie   SOLD OUT

Sept ’91: Interviews with Michel Tournier, Mary McGarry Morris, Tim Cahill & Frank Chin; Visits to Tibet.

Oct/Nov ’91: Interviews with John Barth & Jeffrey Meyers; The Multicultural Debate; Annual Conference of Lesbian and Gay Writers.

Dec ’91: Interviews with Terry Tempest Williams, Eduardo Galeano, David Wann & Loren McIntyre SOLD OUT

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Jan/Feb ’92: Interviews with Nicole Hollander, J.P. Donleavy, John Keeble; “And Huge Is Ugly,” by James Hillman

Mar ’92: Interviews with Martin Amis, Julia Alvarez, M. Mark of VLS, Don Paul & Elgy Gillespie of the San Francisco Review of Books

Apr/May ’92: Interviews with Leslie Marmon Silko & William Least Heat-Moon; Essay by Ward Churchill

June ’92: Interviews with Ann Rule, James Lee Burke & Bapsi Sidhwa; Profile of Jay Brandon; Rikki Ducornet, Lewis Nordan & Dan Gerber

July/Aug ’92: Interviews with Jimmy Santiago Baca & Linda Hasselstrom; The American West 

Sept ’92: Interviews with Ronald Gross, W.P. Kinsella & Jungian Analysts Marion Woodman & Daryl Sharp; Censorship & Democracy

Oct/Nov ’92: Interviews with Richard Manning, Raymond Carver & Sandra Scofield; Fragments of History

Dec ’92: Interview with John Dunning; Colonialism, The Pulp Western & Steve Frazee; Fabulous Fiction 

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Jan/Feb ’93: Interviews with Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Ted Conover & Richard Selzer; The Whole Person: Heart & Mind SOLD OUT

Mar/Apr ’93: Interviews with Lawrence Norfolk & Paulette Jiles; The Before Columbus Foundation; Writing & Publishing

May/June ’93: Testimonies of Native American Life; Interview with Tama Janowitz; Frank Waters

July/Aug ’93: Remembrances of Wallace Stegner; Interviews with Carolyn Forché, Reg Saner & Mark Leyner; Profile of Lois Beebe Hayna

Sept/Oct ’93: Interviews with Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Part I), Rudolfo A. Anaya & Vera Norwood; Rocky Mountain Book Festival (I) SOLD OUT

Nov/Dec ’93: Interviews with Victor Villaseñor, Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Part II), James Nolan & Laura Esquivel; Remembering Chandler Brossard

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Jan/Feb ’94: The Poetry of Anne Waldman; The Work of Ward Churchill; Interviews with Michael Doane & Katherine V. Forrest

Mar/Apr ’94:  The First Cormac McCarthy Conference; William Stafford Remembered; Interviews with Janice Eidus, Paul Kafka & Swain Wolfe

May/June ’94: Louise Erdrich’s Fiction; Interviews with Sherman Alexie, Tim Pat Coogan, James Balog & Anthony Hecht; The Latest Dangerous Visions of Harlan Ellison

July/Aug ’94: American West: Land & Literature; Regional Writing; Carlos Fuentes Reconsidered; Interviews with Bebe Moore Campbell, Jane Candia Coleman & David Payne. Profiles of Max Evans & Robert Michael Pyle

Sept/Oct ’94: A Profile of Hanan Al-Shaykh; Media & the First Amendment; Interviews with Margaret Atwood, Bob Shacochis & Antonio Benitez-Rojo; Literature of the Caribbean  SOLD OUT

Nov/Dec ’94: Walter Mosley Meets the Mainstream; Interviews with Kinky Friedman & Omar S. Castañeda; Rocky Mountain Book Festival (II): Terry Tempest Williams, Linda Hogan, Jerome Washington, Joseph Marshall III & Peter Eichstaedt  

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Jan/Feb ’95: The State of the Word Part I: Poetry; Interviews with Thomas Berry, Robert Olen Butler, Ricardo Pau-Llosa & Marvin Bell 

Mar/Apr ’95: The State of the Word Part II: Fiction; How to Succeed as a Writer by John Nichols; Interviews with Stanley W. Lindberg, Tobias Wolff, Jane Hamilton & Carolyn Chute

May/June ’95: Dreams of Life & Death: The Art of Juan González; Issues of Race & Equality: Robert Burke; Profile of George Rodger; Interviews with Neil Evernden & Robert Antoni

July/Aug ’95: The American West; Remembering Vardis Fisher; Elizabeth Woody; A Conversation Between Marjorie Agosín & Ilan Stavans; Interviews with Jack Butler & William Tremblay

Sept/Oct ’95: Rocky Mountain Book Festival (III); A Conversation Between Denise E. Chávez & Susan J. Tweit; Interviews with John Daido Loori & Patricia Lynn Reilly; A Conversation Between Mark Amerika & Lance Olsen

Nov/Dec ’95: Gift Books; Profiles of John Dufresne & Ana Castillo; Interview with James Welch

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