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Back Issues 1996-2000

Jan/Feb ’96: The Craft of Writing; Interviews with Alberto Alvaro Ríos, Joe Haldeman & Helena María Viramontes; Ellen Hart, Sandra Scoppettone & Michael Nava in Conversation; Creating a Private Writing Retreat by Linda M. Hasselstrom

Mar/Apr ’96: Nature and the Environment; Wolf Wars; Profiles of Hank Fischer, Thomas Hornsby Ferril & Richard Powers; The Fiction of Antonya Nelson; Interviews with Norman Mailer & Steven Pinker

May/June ’96: Interviews with Jonathan Lethem & Elena Poniatowska; Profiles of Sven Birkerts, Craig Lesley & Linda Schierse Leonard

July/August ’96: The American West; Adrian C. Louis; Profiles of Lewis Nordan & Dan Simmons; Reviews of Arthur Sze, Leslie Marmon Silko, Linda Hogan & Alison Hawthorne Deming

Sept/Oct ’96: Rocky Mountain Book Festival (IV); Interviews with Brenda Peterson, David Rice, David Abram & Sharman Apt Russell

Nov/Dec ’96: Conversations with Bill Moyers & Li-Young Lee; Naturalist John Fowles; Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz; Wallace Stegner; Helen Caldicott; Frank McCourt; Elizabeth Bishop

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Jan/Feb ’97: Interviews with Velma Wallis, Donald Hall & Brian Kiteley; African-American Literature; The Writing Life; Sherman Alexie, Martín Espada 

Mar/Apr ’97: Interview with Tobias Wolff; Profile of Bruce Berger; Grieving; Fine Print Editions

May/June ’97: Interview with Ammiel Alcalay; Profiles of Anita Mason & Robert Franklin Gish; Honoring Laurens van der Post

July/Aug ’97: Interviews with Lawson Fusao Inada, Evelyn Lau & Martín Espada; Science Fiction & Fantasy; Science & Exploration

Sept/Oct ’97: Interviews with Ron Carlson, Lorna Dee Cervantes & Robert MacNeil; Celebrating Writers & Publishers of the American West; Rocky Mountain Book Festival (V)

Nov/Dec ’97: Interviews with Joy Harjo, Quincy Troupe & Athol Fugard; The Fault in My Lines, an essay by Harlan Ellison; Children’s Books & Publishing; Life Stories

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Jan/Feb ’98: Interviews with Vikram Chandra, Kurt Vonnegut & Rikki Ducornet; African-American History Month; The Future of the Book; The New American West; Editors’ Favorites

Mar/Apr ’98: Interviews with Demetria Martínez, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni & Alison Hawthorne Deming; Profile of Paul Gruchow; Remembering Denise Levertov, William Matthews, James Laughlin & Allen Ginsberg; Poetry

May/June ’98: Interview with Cristina Rathbone; Profiles of George Rabasa & Nevada Barr; Summer Reading; Social Issues; Travel; Physical & Mental Health

July/Aug ’98: Interviews with Linda Hogan, Connie Willis & Marilyn Ogilvie; A Literary Look at Cyberspace; Science Fiction; Science & Technology

Sept/Oct ’98: Interviews with Barry Lopez, Reg Saner, Kenneth Lincoln & Cynthia Robinson; The American West; Banned Book Week; Baseball & Indentured Servitude by Harlan Ellison

Nov/Dec ’98: Interviews with  Luis Alberto Urrea & Peter Hedges; An Essay/Interview with Ted Hughes; International Issues; Essays; Biographies

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Jan/Feb ’99: Interviews with William Loizeaux & Karen Palmer; Profile of Kate Braverman; New works by Jim Harrison; The Writing Life: Fiction & Nonfiction; African-American Literature

Mar/Apr ’99: The Writing Life: Poetry; Interview with Kimiko Hahn;  Essay about Robert Bly & William Stafford; An Appreciation of Carolyn Kizer & Hayden Carruth; Profile of Marnie Mueller; History & Politics

May/June ’99: Interviews with Sparkle Hayter & Randy Wayne White; Profile of Robert Thurman; Summer Reading: Mysteries, Fiction, Biographies, Letters

July/Aug ’99: Interviews with Melissa Pritchard & David Lavender; Profile of Dan Simmons; The American West; The Great New Wilderness Debate

Sept/Oct ’99: Interviews with David Lee, Stephen J. Pyne & Robin Chotzinoff; International Literature: Cuba, Bhutan, Tibet, Korea, France, Russia, England, & China; New Fiction by Isabel Allende, Ana Castillo, Will Self; The Crusade for Justice

Nov/Dec ’99: Interview with Alex Kuo; Conversations With Native American Artists & Activists by E.K. Caldwell; TBR Editors’ Favorite Books of 1999; Gift Books

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Jan/Feb 2000: Interviews with Laura Hendrie, Hannah Hinchman & Colin Thubron; Profile of Alfredo Véa: The Writing Life: Fiction & Nonfiction; The Great Work by Thomas Berry

Mar/Apr ’00: Interviews with Juan Felipe Herrera & Edward Hirsch; Profile of Richard Burgin; The Writing Life: Poetry Feature; Latino poetry; Politics & History: Vietnam, the U.S. Prison System, and more

May/June ’00: Interviews with Patricia Hampl & Welsh Writer Bobi Jones; Profiles of Stephen Keating & Kathleen Alcala; The Harpur & Iles Mystery Series by Bill James; Reviews of Mary Gordon, Denise Levertov, John Nichols

July/Aug ’00: Interviews with Thomas McGuane & Jeff Shaara; Profile of Stephen Harrigan; The American West; Reviews of Joy Harjo, Terry Tempest Williams, Sherman Alexie & others

Sept/Oct ’00: An Essay/Interview with Kristjana Gunnars; Interview with T. Jefferson Parker; Cultural History; Politics: Biography, Autobiography, Memoirs & Letters; Literary Fiction & Mysteries; Nature & Gardening

Nov/Dec ’00: Interviews with Ciaran Carson & Kathleen Norris; Religion & Spirituality; New Books About The Holy Mother by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.; New Fiction by Jim Harrison, Wendell Berry, Ursula Le Guin, James Welch & Others; Ireland: Politics & Literature; Gifts; Editors’ Favorite Books of 2000

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