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How Do I Get My Book Reviewed in
The Bloomsbury Review

According to R.R. Bowker, the company that issues and maintains information about ISBN numbers, there are more than 275,000 books published each year. That is an average of 753 books each day, or about 31 books every hour. In a good year, we may review 1,200 books. Regrettably, a lot of very good books go by without a review. We look for well-written, interesting books by new and emerging writers that are unlikely to get a review in the larger publications. We rarely review best sellers and blockbusters because our goal is to bring attention to new writers as well as writers we believe deserve a larger audience.

We review books from publishers large and small—corporate, independent, nonprofit, self-published, and university presses. We review literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, poetry, photography, biography, graphic and visual arts, history, politics, and world literature in translation. We occasionally review mysteries and science fiction, but rarely review genre fiction, textbooks, or technical books. We review newly released books or bound galleys (if we receive a potential review, we will request a finished book for fact-checking). We request books from publishers’ seasonal catalogs (we rarely request books from faxed or e-mailed press releases only).

In any given issue, approximately 85% of the reviews are assigned or solicited by our Editor-in-Chief, Marilyn Auer, and the balance is unsolicited. Our Arts Editor, Lori D. Kranz, and our Poetry Editor, Ray González, assign and manage the bulk of the Arts and Poetry reviews, respectively. Our contributing editors both review books that interest them and also assign and coordinate reviewers known to them.

How Will I Know My Book Is Being Reviewed? When Will the Review Appear?
We do not announce our reviews in advance. If we publish a review of your book, we always send copies of the issue to both the publicity and advertising departments of the publisher. If you need additional copies of the review, we are happy to send more.

How Do I Send a Book to The Bloomsbury Review?
If you want confirmation that we received it, send it using some form of tracking service, easily available from the Post Office, U.P.S., FedEx, and the like. Sadly, due to the volume of books we receive daily (20-50), we are unable to confirm receipt of a particular book unless we requested a copy specifically for a reviewer or for fact-checking.

May I Send My Book Directly to a Contributing Editor?
We do not give out the addresses of our contributing editors. If you think your book will appeal to a particular editor send it to TBR, to the attention of that editor.

Please send all review copies and publisher catalogs to:

The Bloomsbury Review
1553 Platte Street, Suite 206
Denver, Colorado 80202-1167

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